May’s Local Artist

This month’s local artist feature is the beautiful K McClendon. Born and raised in Illinois, K has taken the Minnesota poetry scene by their hands. They describe themself as queer, black, trans, fat, proud, mentally ill poet. It is all of these experiences from their intersecting identities that give them the unique outlook and perspectiveContinue reading “May’s Local Artist”

February’s Local Artist

The importance of acknowledging local artist who may not have a big enough platform to showcase their own work is essential to community building and friendship participation points. I feel the most grateful and fortunate to a) not only have a platform (this blog) to promote these artists but also b) to call these artistsContinue reading “February’s Local Artist”

How Could You Celebrate February Fourteenth?

Like many annual holidays, we circle back to the day of romance we call Valentine’s Day that takes place in the United States and in other world locations. The associations include, what I like to call, the three C’s: Cupid, Chocolate, and Consumerism (Of course there are many more, but it would ruin my alliteration).Continue reading “How Could You Celebrate February Fourteenth?”

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