March’s Local Artist

This month’s local artist feature is Jasmine Marie. Her journey started back in February of 2017 when she studied abroad in Austria. Here, she got to escape the noisy city back home and solidify what it is she wanted to do. Being the old soul she is, she grew up always reading, coloring, or investing herself in nature. She says that “as a photographer, traveling halfway across the world was the best thing I could think of for exponential growth”.

In that same year, Jasmine traveled to 10 countries (including the Czech Republic). She lived out of her backpack, created a celestial photography magazine, adventured to tall cliffs and Munich beer fest, and road tripped from country to country in a Euro-van.

In the fall of 2018, Jasmine received information about teaching English as a foreign language at The Language House. This seemed impossible to leave Minnesota at the time because all of the client work she had obtained over the years. She learned that it would be possible for her to work remotely from anywhere in the world after receiving her TEFL certification. How could she not take the opportunity to teach, travel, learn, and impact others around the world?

Jasmine is currently in Prague where she received her TEFL certification and works for an online teaching company right from her phone called PalFish and meet with three private 1-1 students. Not only is she able to work on her freelance projects but also invest in her art as well. Jasmine’s advice is simple. “Never ever stop chasing what makes you feel most alive—and if traveling abroad and seeing the world is one of those things that makes you feel raw/visceral/organic, then inhale and split the hem that separates you from your dreams.”

If you are interested in connecting with or hiring Jasmine, you can follow her social media platforms below.

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