February’s Local Artist

The importance of acknowledging local artist who may not have a big enough platform to showcase their own work is essential to community building and friendship participation points. I feel the most grateful and fortunate to a) not only have a platform (this blog) to promote these artists but also b) to call these artists my friends, peers, and family. With that being said, it seemed the most suitable to have my first local artist of the month be someone I do consider blood family.

Alexandra Spirov is a South Minneapolis based sister, artist, and newly certified yoga instructor. Her work, involving painting, watercolors, pen to paper, and many more beautiful forms of art, collides the abstract mind with a visualized reality making her work unique. Her style is her style. Unlike any other artist I know, she has a keen way of making her pieces look like it belongs to one portfolio with a similar theme. That theme is indescribable, but once you see her work, you will then get the idea. Not only her impeccable skills with visual arts but her writing is absolutely superb as well. This led her, years back, to write and illustrate a children’s book. Looking for a special homemade gift or creative book of painted art for your Pottery Barn coffee table? Alex is just the gal for you to connect with. Her work has been featured in local coffee shops around the Twin Cities and you can follow her journey through her Instagram account @big.als.ship.

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